SONiA (Rutstein) disappear fear has recorded under SONiA or disappear fear or SONiA and disappear fear or SONiA of disappear fear or SONiA & disappear fear or SONiA disappear fear

SONiA disappear fear CATALOGUE
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2019 By My Silence - Folk, Jewish Folk Music, International Folk Music and Rockabilly
2018 Igor and the Lunatics - Movie Soundtrack on Terror Vision Records. SONiA composed the entire score featuring performances of exhibit A.
2016 LiVE at MAXiMAL - 20 songs recorded at the Maximal Club in Rodgau, Germany.
2013 Broken Film - popfolk recorded in Nashville. Mike Poole w/ Don Conoscenti, Done Kerce, Elaine Romaneli, Dylan Visvikis, Laura Cerulli, Helen Hausmann, and more.
2011 Get Your Phil - the songs of Phil Ochs recorded in one weekend. SONiA & Cindy Rutstein vocals one guitar one piano
2010 Blood, Bones & Baltimore - Blues and Folk (one Woody Guthrie Cover)
2009 Splash - features By My Silence, Love Names Me, Show Me the Someone & featured tunes of Tango & No Bomb is Smart.
2008 tango - WORLD MUSIC - recorded in Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic & English. All original semi finalist for Grammy.
2005 DF05 LiVE - popular songs from the Kerrville Folk Festival and San Diego. Trio with Laura Cerulli -and a  bassist A.E.- all LIVE.
2004 no bomb is smart (features 'Won't Let Go'), folk pop country songs. Producer/drummer Craig Krampf and engineer/piano Bill Cuomo.
2002 LiVE at the Down Home - popular songs one guitar in one hot full house crowd at the best little club in America - Johnson City Tennessee.
1999 Me, Too - pop folk country all original. Features song of the year 'Me, Too' = produced by John Grant.
1998 Almost Chocolate - folk rock pop lots of acoustic guitars. SDF FIRST SOLO CD recorded by Danny Bernini.
1996 seed in the sahara - Philo Records (Rounder) produced by E street Band Roy Bittan. Full DFband Hollywood CA.
1994 disappear fear - (Philo Records) ROCK- produced by Craig Krampf. All original. Guests: INDIGO GIRLS & JANIS IAN  
1992 LiVE at the Bottom Line - folk pop. Original SONiA & Cindy harmonies over songs of love & social justice also.
1990 Deep Soul Diversophomore DF CD. Pop folk sisters harmonies lush leaning towards pop fun.
1989 Echo My Call - pop folk lush arrangements from the anthemic Vertigo about Chernobyl - boppy Pretty Boy.
1988 All Night Long - (Live from Buddies in Baltimore) live at Buddies Bar in Baltimore with Steve Raskin on percussion.
1983-86 SONiA goes 80s with exibit A featuring progressive punk trio exibit A Diane Bowman and Janet Guerra.


There are three SONiA disappear fear songbooks - contact to order.

1-- picture songbook with chords from Live at the Bottom Line contact  (circa 1991)
2-- compilation songbook with songs from No Bomb is Smart (circa 2005)

3-- Blood, Bones and Baltimore (circa 2009)