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SONiA (Rutstein) disappear fear has recorded under SONiA or disappear fear or SONiA and disappear fear or SONiA of disappear fear or SONiA & disappear fear or SONiA disappear fear.

When SONiA and CiNDY started disappear fear in 1989 it was under that name. When CiNDY left the band in 1996, disappear fear was still under contract to provide seven more albums to Rounder Records. The deal was altered to accommodate SONiA, so the label wanted to include disappear fear as the artist name. So SONiA was dubbed SONiA of disappear fear. As time progressed, SONiA thought it was best to only use the disappear fear name when CiNDY or the whole band was present. Quite unfortunately, we at disappear records have been unable to change history. It would be illegal to change the name on past records, even though SONiA is the singer, songwriter and main musician on all albums. 
That is why we are providing this map to help you find the song you want to hear. 

SONiA disappear fear CATALOGUE
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2020 Small House No Secrets - a musical by SONiA Rutstein & Jody Nusholtz
2019 By My Silence - Folk, Jewish Folk Music, International Folk Music and Rockabilly
2018 Igor and the Lunatics - Movie Soundtrack on Terror Vision Records. SONiA composed the entire score featuring performances of exibit A.
2016 LiVE at MAXiMAL - 20 songs recorded at the Maximal Club in Rodgau, Germany.
2013 Broken Film - popfolk recorded in Nashville. Mike Poole w/ Don Conoscenti, Done Kerce, Elaine Romaneli, Dylan Visvikis, Laura Cerulli, Helen Hausmann, and more.
2011 Get Your Phil - the songs of Phil Ochs recorded in one weekend. SONiA & Cindy Rutstein vocals one guitar one piano
2010 Blood, Bones & Baltimore - Blues and Folk (one Woody Guthrie Cover)
2009 Splash - features By My Silence, Love Names Me, Show Me the Someone & featured tunes of Tango & No Bomb is Smart.
2008 tango - WORLD MUSIC - recorded in Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic & English. All original semi finalist for Grammy.
2005 DF05 LiVE - popular songs from the Kerrville Folk Festival and San Diego. Trio with Laura Cerulli -and a  bassist A.E.- all LIVE.
2004 no bomb is smart (features 'Won't Let Go'), folk pop country songs. Producer/drummer Craig Krampf and engineer/piano Bill Cuomo.
2002 LiVE at the Down Home - popular songs one guitar in one hot full house crowd at the best little club in America - Johnson City Tennessee.
1999 Me, Too - pop folk country all original. Features song of the year 'Me, Too' = produced by John Grant.
1998 Almost Chocolate - folk rock pop lots of acoustic guitars. SDF FIRST SOLO CD recorded by Danny Bernini.
1996 seed in the sahara - Philo Records (Rounder) produced by E street Band Roy Bittan. Full DFband Hollywood CA.
1994 disappear fear - (Philo Records) ROCK- produced by Craig Krampf. All original. Guests: INDIGO GIRLS & JANIS IAN  
1992 LiVE at the Bottom Line - folk pop. Original SONiA & Cindy harmonies over songs of love & social justice also.
1990 Deep Soul Diver -  sophomore DF CD. Pop folk sisters harmonies lush leaning towards pop fun.
1989 Echo My Call - pop folk lush arrangements from the anthemic Vertigo about Chernobyl - boppy Pretty Boy.
1988 All Night Long - (Live from Buddies in Baltimore) live at Buddies Bar in Baltimore with Steve Raskin on percussion.
1983-86 SONiA goes 80s with exibit A featuring progressive punk trio exibit A Diane Bowman and Janet Guerra.

1985 Vinyl Single (45) Kix and 1,2,3,4 with Exibit A

1982 WKTK Best of Baltimore Vinyl song, performed by SONiA "I've Never Seen"