SONiA disappear fear - Songwriting Workshop

FOS / BOS, Rosenheim

SONiA kehrt für einen Songwriting-Workshop für Schüler:innen der FOS/BOS nach Rosenheim zurück. SONiA returns to Rosenheim for a songwriting workshop at FOS/BOS school.

SONiA disappear fear - Private Concert for FOS / BOS Rosenheim

FOS / BOS, Rosenheim

Privates Konzert für die Schüler:innen und Lehrkräfte der FOS / BOS Rosenheim.

SONiA disappear fear - Live from Freudental, Germany


Jewish singer-songwriter SONiA disappear fear will perform a global livestream concert on Pogromnacht (also known as Kristallnacht = Crystal Night) to honor the memories of the fallen and to commend the open, positive reconstruction of a free Germany now. The concert will be performed on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 7pm Central European Time (1pm EST / 6pm GMT) and streamed live from the former synagogue in Freudental, Germany, where SONiA is currently touring. You may access this concert through SONiA disappear fear on Facebook at The concert is free for everyone to watch, though donations may be sent to