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/musicthe world is ready to disappear fear - a world that is not afraid of hisself or who she loves -a world that is ending hunger in the many forms that hunger exists (pause) hunger for food, hunger for money, hunger for love, security, understanding- No One is Left Out.  So tomorrow when the first Rays of Dawn - Reach like swords of Light into Your eyes, begin the day - like a tango with Your Soul, In Love with Life Because You Are.


SONiA is performing some casual concerts this summer. The Great Sage isa wonderful restaurant that happens to be 100% plant based. I had the most delicious green curry tofu there and the chocolate lava cake for dessert. The staff is kind and smart, the prices are affordable, the place has a nice and yet comfortable ambience and is clean and parking is free. there is no cover. Support SDF- supporting this wonderful INDIE Restaurant just around the corner. see you then CALL 443-535-9400 to make your reservation. and Get a peak at my new guest vocalist Janet Frenkil- she's getting rave reviews from SONiA's most dedicated fans.  SHARE

The Bookshop Sessions

In this quaint and beautiful small town is this marvelous bookstore that welcomed me with open hearts on my first tours of Germany. Connie and Markus have become wonderful friends and because there is little upfront time i will make my appearance here where i started. Even the first performance was SRO and i look forward to a magical evening this time too! Call or visit to make your reservation. 067231830