SONiA disappear fear proudly presents Love Out Loud, a new compilation of her best and most loved LGBT songs. The release date of June 1, 2020 also marks the start of this year's Pride Month. As Pride parades and protests stay off the streets, SONiA's music will bring the spirit of pride and the celebration of our shared humanity into homes around the world. In turn exuberant, contemplative, joyous and frankly outspoken, politcal as well as personal and always authentic, the songs in this collection have inspired many to embrace their identity and push for equal rights.

One of the world's most successful LGBT singer-songwriters, SONiA disappear fear (born Sonia Rutstein) is loved for her beautiful voice and songs that illuminate truth passionately delivered. Born in Baltimore and cruising relentlessly across the USA in the early 90s, SONiA has grown to be loved around the world.

Now more than ever it is important to affirm love equality between one another, mouth to mouth, nation to nation and face to face. ” - SONiA disappear fear

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