Critics' Choice 

Rutstein who plays guitar and harmonica is this generation's Dylan. - The Advocate Magazine 

Rutstein on guitar and piano and a small circle of friends create lean yet surprisingly colorful folk-pop. - Mike Joyce, Washington Post  
SONiA of disappear fear had the audience actually holding our collective breath in awe. It was one of the most electric live ‘performances I'd ever seen. In SONiA, I found a contemporary artist with Lennon's way with a phrase. From that night until this, she's been my favorite 
singer/songwriter. - Cliff Weimer, In the Balcony 
Quirky and smart, a poet with a guitar, SONiA is a master of crafting songs that make you want to simultaneously dance, sing, 
and change the world. - Georgia Voice, Atlanta USA 

...long time lover of Phil Ochs' music and I know you are going to love her... Here is SONiA disappear fear. - Sonny Ochs (Phil's Sister)
....with a voice that is raspy yet pure and lyrical melodies reminiscent of Bob Dylan, Springsteen, and Joni Mitchell.  - Waiheke Jazz Festival, New Zealand
SONiA has returned with her best album in years, Broken Film …and it's high point is the breathtaking “The Banker”      
- Gregg Shapiro, Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco/Chicago USA) 
There is an exuberance and passion shining from SONiA as she warms the audience with her humanity, charm and a touch of glamour. - Roger Dietz, Sing Out Magazine (USA) 

I came to the concert learning she was Dylan's cousin, 2 minutes into the first song I forgot about that and was just mesmerized the entire night. - fan from Kassel, Germany 2017

My two favorite voices on Earth: Andrea Bocelli and SONiA's. - fan at Auckland Folk Festival