I would to thank Larry Fishman of Fishman Transducers... for making products that I would pay many times over what they cost, but sound like a million bucks! I will never forget, I think it was 1993 and I was in Nashville for a NAMM convention and the brand new FISHMAN artist amplifier/speaker cabinet proto type had just been manufactured. Someone at Corner Music handed me a guitar and they plugged me in... and I began to play Box of Tissues, and it was the most authentic sound I had ever heard from a system that was not for a stadium, but for a room of a 60 persons of less. It allowed me and inspired me to create the song the way I truly wanted it to be presented, and  for the first time here was a small tour-able, afford-able and adorable sound system that I trusted. What a gigantic step for acoustic musicians! By the time I looked up, the whole store, all the sales people and the customers were gathered round me... it was like we were all transformed at the same time. Larry (so far back) made me realize the guys who make these amazing sound equipment are the real artists making us all sound/look so good, and they got callouses on their fingers to prove it - just like us.

D'Addario has long been associated with the best players... Why? Because the best players want to the best stuff. Planet Waves guitar chords are the surest way to the cleanest, most reliable, affordable and long living chords. If you can get the product out of the plastic casing, you are on your way to great sound. D'Addario also make my go to guitar strings. I do use different strings between festivals and recording versus a rigorous club tour or even teaching guitar and passing my guitars out for prospective enthusiasts to experience. But these are my main first choice and I have never been disappointed. EVER! Recently, I have discovered the cutest mini tuner on earth. It is the size of your thumbnail and looks may be deceiving, but it works just fine and is clear to see. I am super happy with it. Thank You Peter and the D'Addario whole team.

I love my Audix 0M5 vocal microphone. I have been using it for live performance both on guitar and at the piano for about 10 years. To me it has been important to sculpt my own sound... something that aurally and consistently makes me sound like me. I know that I hear my voice in the fallback and the slap back in an amphitheatre or club as I am kissing my Audix 5 I am inspired to sing my best and I am confident that what I am pouring out through the larynx of my soul is exactly what I want my listeners to hear. I am grateful to Cliff and the whole team at Audix, and especially my old buddy Phil Garfinkel for introducing me to this awesome product directly.

I have tremendous gratitude for the many enormously generous folks who have lifted me out of my wanna be doldrums and onto their stage or their house or their advice or their technical genius that in a moment of great fortune I was awake and at the right place at the right time - listened. Those who have woken up at 4 in the morning to send us off back on the road like my Aunt Mary Jo did on more than one occasion, feeding the whole band and crew golden waffles with fresh cream and strawberries, and Nancy who has helped me host my dearest comrades that I have befriended, and she graciously extended her extraordinary kindness to as well, or my west coast Nancy who made us some awesome Goulash at midnight when we gaggled into her home - muddy tired and rode hard. Sonny Ochs, Ingrid and Werner, Andy Curran, Alison Wellsfry, Jane Woglemuth, Lee Bowers, Diane and Susan, Susan and Cyndi, Jules and Judy, Maurie and Helen, Sherlyn and Ilka, Michele and Karen, Diane and Kumquat, Erica and Naomi, Erica in Trogen, Dee in Johnson City... there are so many many more. I am blessed to have so much love. If you are reading this and your name is not here, it is because I didn't wish to share your name(s) of our relationship this way... but in no way is it meant to demean you or the awesome folks that I cited.
PS: At some point I will write a memoir but until then this will suffice, I hope.

I would like to thank Richard Hoover and the entire staff at Santa Cruz Guitar Company. Richard designed the most perfect guitar for me, an H-14 concert size guitar. It was love at first strum... then folks began asking for this exact guitar, so it has become the SONiA Model. I am so grateful to have this guitar, and to have it named after me is quite astonishing, and to quote my dear friend Maestro Roland Haug of the Ludwigsburg Youth Symphony and dean of the Besigheim School of Music, to get a guitar named after you in the music business is like getting the Oscar for best performance!
here it is


Once upon a time there were these bad men's ties pattern elastic stretch fabrics with a spinets and a small steel rod that would nearly break your hand as you tried to pull it across the neck of the guitar to change the voicing but alas... I found the SHUBB Capo...MAGNIFIQUE!  I met Rick Shubb, the inventor of the capo for both the banjo and the guitar and dobro about 10 years ago. He personally invited me to come and perform at his booth at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. What an amazing chain of events that has evolved carving my career into indelible ties with new acquaintances who have become some of my closest friends in the world. I have played just about every capo that has been created and I would not trade my SHUBB DELUXE for any of them. What I like is clean, efficient, no fuss, no muss and reliable greatness. Because of the design Shubb is the best choice for not pulling the guitar out of tune and so simple to use and lasts for years and years. In fact, if there is a technical issue, you can send it back to SHUBB and they will replace the part free of charge. Just like L.L.Bean - who does that?- SHUBB. I mean, why write a great song and then every time you want to perform it have to totally retune your guitar or worse play it out of tune... it is just painful, or as we say, Life is too short for crappy capos. So a gigantic thank you to Gary Mobley, David, Raul Reynosa and Mike.
get yours: www.shubb.com

I met Merry Faith and John Pearse at NAMM in Los Angeles in the early 90's. The folks at John Pearse Strings and Breezy Ridge have to be by far the nicest in the business. They know and live the true meaning of sharing the best stuff on earth. They have a wide variety of music products that you can't find in the Sweetwater catalogue, which is impressive because Sweetwater carries just about everything and anything of music manufactured value at the most reasonable price. I love my John Pearse Strings; they have a clear and distinct tone and sound especially perfect on the bluesy Woody kind of songs. They also carry these exotic leather instrument straps, mother of pearl tuning pegs for guitars, as well organic musical jewelry and other weird cool stuff that changes season to season. They also carry and publish the John Pearse Guitar Encyclopedia of Chords, which is the serious guitar player's must have bible. Not kidding - it shows you chord choices where you thought there were just frets and strings - it is essential. Thank you to Todd and Chris and Eberhardt and Bip and the whole Breezy Ridge team.

@ Jacob's Ladder Main Stage Nof Ginosaur Israel 2015

@ Jacob's Ladder Main Stage Nof Ginosaur Israel 2015

A very special dankeschön to Heinz Shaeffer who presented me with a beautiful cedar top dreadnaught guitar in April 2016. It is one of a kind and only the 6th guitar he has ever crafted. It has even inspired poetry of religious proportions. Thank you Heinz !