SONiA Goes 80s with exibit A
by SONiA disappear fear LISTEN ON ALL YOUR FAVORITE STEAMING SPOTIFY DIRECT LINK And iTUNES direct link SONiA disappear fear Album title: SONiA disappear fear Goes 80s with exibit A Number of songs: 10 There was a time when John Waters used to hang out at Club Charles, before Homicide and the Wire, when the Inner Harbor was being restored and before the days of disappear fear.  SONiA was part of an all girl power trio' "Exibit A".  Now for the first time SONiA has made those recordings available. From 1984 to 1987 Exibit A toured around DC Baltimore and NYC playing at the famous Marble Bar and Galaxy Ballroom,Maryland State Fairs,  Baltimore City Fairs, Hammerjacks, 8x10, 930 CLUB etc. These songs were recorded in the mid to late 80s, with Janet Guerra on drums, Diane Bowman Steffens on bass guitar (& some back up vocals) and SONiA on lead vocals and guitar. They are also joined on a couple of songs by Donna Katrinic on keyboards. CiNDY Frank was also singing back up into band until it dis-banded in late 1987. All the songs were penned by SONiA; (except Kid written by SONiA, Paul Landsman and Tom Goldfogle)