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The world is ready to disappear fear.

 A world that is not afraid of itself or who it loves.

 A world that is ending hunger in the many forms that hunger exists, No one is left out. 
So, tomorrow when the first rays of dawn reach like swords of light into your eyes. 
Begin the day,

like a tango with your soul, 

in love with life, 

because you are.

Next Appearance - I’m playing the Great Sage 7pm - 9pm on the 4th of July Clarksville Maryland totally plant based menu. After 8 weeks on tour I’m hoping to do some more local shows. So come on out. Also I’m going to be back in Germany in September and I’ll be performing in Israel Nov14- Nov 20 - dates and locations TBA. be kind because you are not invisible. I hope to see you real soon. If you are interested in booking a concert contact or me תודה

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