Disappear Fear Day 2021

The Collected Creative Works of
The Disappear Fear Family


A Concert by SONiA & CiNDY
(with thanks to Terry)

Painting by Cindy

Projects by Mrs. Heinert's class from Hof, Germany

Text, Image & Instrumental by Omar

Drawing by Lea

Comic by Milena

Drawing and Text by Kaan

Painting by Mediha

Fear is Not Funny - comic by Emirhan

Drawing and Text by Kosovare

Drawing / Collage by Julius

Drawing by Diana

Drawing by Aleksandra

Drawing by David

Drawing by Anton

On Phobophobia, by Alessio

Text by Anna-Lena

Crossword Puzzle by Vadim

On Amaxophobia, by Tom

Text by Pascal

Project – Fear

Fear is the word we use to describe our emotional reaction to something that seems dangerous. But also, if a person is afraid of something or someone. People fear things or situations that make them feel unsafe or unsure. For example, I’m afraid of bad people, people who commit crime or are brutal. I hate does kind of people and I’m afraid of them.

The fear of the own future

Nearly everyone is afraid of his own future because nobody can tell how your future life looks in ten or twenty years. Even if you plan your life no one can assure you that it all happens like its planned.

What can I do to stop this fear?

First of all, we have to look what you afraid the most:

  • Is it financial

  • Is it you career prospects

  • Is it your health

If you are afraid of your health you should simply try to life healthier. Eat healthy, don’t do drugs, make things (like sport) where the risk isn’t high to get injured. The risk is still there that you can get ill or have a short life but you will definitely feel better and healthier.

If you are afraid of you career prospects you should learn to plan things and always have a plan b in your pocket. You have to look what suits you the most. But you also have to think of the long game. You want a comfortable life and for that you want to earn good money from the things you do. Make sure you take the right job for your life that make you happy and gives you a comfortable live.

Many people are afraid of having financial issues because you need money to survive in this world. Without money you can’t do anything. You cannot participate in social life. To make sure that you are not going to run in financial problems you can safe some money. But you also can invest it safely in for example precious metals. You can take about 10% - 15% of your capital and invest it in that kind of metals. Its like your saving your money but there is a chance that the value can increase.

What would I do if I wouldn’t have that fear for one day?

First of all, I wouldn’t go to school because I’m not afraid what happens in the future. I wouldn’t be as economical as usual. I simple would life more expensive and wouldn’t think about the future. Maybe I will go on a road trip and have a good time.


Projects by Mrs. Rummel's class from Hof, Germany

1 - Diary Entries
by Pascal, Ebru, Burhan & Akin

2 - Disappear Fear Festival
by Yannik, Laurin & Dominik

3 - A World Without Fear: Watch video to solve crossword puzzle
by Miriam, Adrian & Kristian

4 - Beatbox Freestyle by Florian

5 - When Fear Has Disappeared
by Mrs. Rummel

Wunderbox ("wonder box") by Paul
(with thanks to Paul's mom and Elke Rost)

Painting by Horst Ortmann
(with thanks to Elke Rost + FolkClub Isaar)

Kim's tattoo

Drawings by Adrian and Emelie
(with thanks to Conny Prinz / Buchhandlung Markus Idstein)

American Sign Language video by
Mrs. Littman's class

Drawings by Mrs. Littman's class

Collage and Haiku by Marcia Slosser

If I weren’t afraid
I’d get into an airplane
And then I’d jump out

I’d have a nice ‘chute
The ride down would be gentle
I won’t break my legs.

President Bush had
Done it at seventy-five
He disappeared fear.

Drawings by Ms Nancy's class

If I wasn’t afraid, I could go ice skating.

If I wasn’t afraid I would ride my bike.

If I wasn’t afraid I would learn to swim.


Haiku by Lisa Hayes

The warm rays of love
Can reach deep into our hearts
To disappear fear

If I had no fear
I'd grab a little gecko
And hold him quite near!