Hanukkah Candle Lighting
with SONiA disappear fear

Let there be light in you!

SONiA disappear fear invites fans, friends and family around the world to join her for the nightly candle lighting during the eight nights of Hanukkah. Starting on the night of December 10 at 6pm EST, SONiA is going to livestream the candle lighting and blessing from her Facebook page at facebook.com/disappear.fear.

The motto “no one is left out” has been part of the disappear fear philosophy from the beginning. Everyone is welcome to join in the Hanukkah celebration – regardless of religion, nationality, politics, sexual orientation and other categories too often used to divide us. In a year when many of us have been isolating from our families, friends and neighbors much of the time, and may be spending the holidays apart from our loved ones, it is more essential than ever that we bring light to each other's lives, even from a distance.

Light In You

SONiA disappear fear

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This is a song celebrating Hanukkah. In Hebrew Hanukkah means dedication, so I dedicate this endless to all disappear fear days.

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Light a candle and let it shine, in this moment your world is mine...

photo: Sandy Snyder

photo: Sandy Snyder

With the inclusion of Light In You on the 2019 album By My Silence, SONiA finally made good on a promise given several years ago to write and record a Hanukkah song. She is currently working on a new music video for an all acoustic version of the song, to be released on YouTube in December 2020.

SONiA encourages those wishing to join the Hanukkah celebration to light their own candle or candles and place them near a window, so that others may see and share the light. She hopes that this simple universal symbol will help people feel connected to each other and make these dark days a little lighter.

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Jewish singer-songwriter SONiA disappear fear will perform a global livestream concert on Pogromnacht (also known as Kristallnacht = Crystal Night) to honor the memories of the fallen and to commend the open, positive reconstruction of a free Germany now. The concert will be performed on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 7pm Central European Time (1pm EST / 6pm GMT) and streamed live from the former synagogue in Freudental, Germany, where SONiA is currently touring. You may access this concert through SONiA disappear fear on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/disappear.fear. The concert is free for everyone to watch, though donations may be sent to https://www.hias.org/.